Differences Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

The most common way to create a website is using WordPress. But despite its success, there is one problem with which many new users are still struggling-what is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

The two websites rank #1 and #2 if you check for “WordPress” on Google. And you may not know which one to use if you’re new to WordPress.

The main differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org will be clarified in this article and will help you choose the right one for your needs.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

Who is actually hosting the website is the main difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

You’re running your own content on WordPress.org (we recommend this).

In the other side, with WordPress.com, it’s WordPress.com that takes care of all this for you (easier to start, less freedom). And that’s the big difference.

Nowadays, it is as simple to start with hosting companies like Bluehost or SiteGround as WordPress.com, cheaper and with more flexibility.

The cost of using WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

WordPress.com allows you to absolutely free of charge a website, but you have some downsides:

  • Only a subdomain can be used on your site

  • The WordPress.com advertising and branding of your website cannot be separated from

  • The disk space is limited to 3GB

  • Your blog or Website cannot be monetized

  • You cannot install plugins or subjects on the platform by default.

You have at least $8/month to spend for your plan WordPress.com + the expense of a personalized domain name typically in the range of $15/year to use the platform for the purpose of business. Overall, this means that a domain on WordPress.com is at least $111 annually.

On the other side, with WordPress.org, you can introduce a fully functioning $35 website in the first year and then $50 in each year.

To do so, you must choose a web host first. Here are some tips for you, but just go with Bluehost if you are in a rush. You are a well-established firm with loads of WordPress options. This is what’s fine with the bid of Bluehost:

  • You can begin at $2.95 per month

  • For the first year you get a free domain name

  • WordPress is automatically installed for you

Bluehost functions similarly with WordPress.com from the user’s point of view. As in this case, you can register, pick up a hosting plan, tell them how to install WordPress, finalize transactions and do it.

Moreover, what you get is total independence from what you want to do with your blog – something you do not get from WordPress.com. Go to Bluehost and WordPress.org here to get started.

To learn a lot more about the discrepancies between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, you need more information before you start thinking about it!

When to use WordPress.com

You should not think about buying hosting or keeping your site with WordPress.com. It can also be free, although payments are also made.

The free scheme limits you to 3 GB of info (like mywebsite.wordpress.com). It also contains advertisements for WordPress.com.

In addition, without paying for the costly business plan you cannot install your own “plugins” or “themes.” Plugins and themes are one of WordPress’ most useful items, as they make it easy for you to personalize your site, so that’s a major loss.

When to use WordPress.org

For your hosting company, WordPress.org needs to be set up. In most cases it’s easy to install, with a single click. In reality, you don’t even need to think about changing DNSs if you’re buying your domain name from your hosting provider. It’s going to be done!

Plus, there are much better personalization options for WordPress.org. You can use custom website themes and add plugins, and do almost anything you would like with your site.

You can even pay for your website, which is nice if you intend to make it a company.

You will need WordPress.org if you want total control of your website and the best choices available.

It’s WordPress.org, or WordPress.com, then?

For web site owners seeking freedom, WordPress.org is open. That means that from the ground up, you create it all yourself. Above all, you are free to install any tools you want and track the overall functionality of the website. If you want to be absolutely yourself, this is the best option.
If you do not want to dirty your hands with hosting, third-party tools and custom website features, WordPress.com is ideal for you. You just register and get your own room immediately online. The downside is that if you go with a costly package, you would not be able to customize it much.

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  1. This is a very nice article, I now understand clearly the differences between the 2 WordPresses.

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