Stardex SIWES Program

We use SIWES to inspire you to succeed in life.

Become A Professional: Get Top Rated Skill Set

Stardex student industrial training program provide Nigerian students of higher learning with job ready skillset and professional experience for excellence in the labor market.

Become A Professional: Get Top Rated Skill Set

What You Learn

Software Development Courses

Scale up your tech skills. Learn ranking programming languages: JAVA, C# and Python

Design Courses

Become design pro; Learn Graphics Design, UI/UX, designing thinking, branding and many more.

Website Development Courses

Launch a career in tech. Learn website design frontend languages and backend languages.

Mobile Application Courses

Build optimized mobile applications for businesses. Start your career and become a mobile App developer.

Digital Marketing Courses

Kickstart your career in digital marketing: content marketing, copywriting, YouTube management e.t.c

Bonus Courses

General course for SIWES students includes emotional intelligence, project management and many more

Increase your chances to ace your dream job and veer into new territories before and after graduation with top digital and technology skills.

Get ready for an intensive digital journey.

    Learn, work and be job ready upon graduation

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    Help us bring cost-effective and job-relevant education across the globe.